The Difference Between a Serum and Moisturiser

The beauty market is bursting with skin care products and solutions and it can be hectic to choose which one is best for your skin condition.  In this blog we help you understand how serums and moisturisers are a match made in heaven.

Essentially, they can be used alone or together but depending on your skin condition, the two combined provide a super barrier and protection of the elements.

The key difference is that serums are usually a water-based liquid that has a concentrated active ingredient (or ingredients) designed to penetrate the skin layers whereas a moisturiser is usually a heavier formulation designed to lock in hydration on the outer layers of skin that form a barrier and protect.

When using the two as a combination treatment, you should always apply serum’s first to allowing them to penetrate before applying moisturiser to lock in that hydration.

No matter what type of skin condition you have, our hyaluronic acid serum super hydrates and plumps, and when combined with our vitamin C and retinol, you have 3 step anti-ageing super powers.

My Skin Care Co. offer a 90-day, bottom of the bottle guarantee.  If you are not happy for any reason, simply return the unused amount for a full product refund.

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