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With the World Wide Web now the fastest growing sector for advertising dollars globally, there is no doubt that the Internet age is upon us. Companies are literally pouring billions into their online presence because as life gets busier and busier, people are turning to the net to save them time, hassle and stress. They want easy ordering, fast service and as little stress as possible…now!

Unfortunately, when it comes to e-Commerce, there are so many areas that people can go wrong.  Some people have no eye for detail. Their site ‘looks’ cheap and the instant communication is “My products are poor quality.” Others have nailed ‘the look’ but their sales copy is poor or non-existent. In other words the site looks good but isn’t sales focused…and it should be! If a site isn’t making you money it’s costing you money!

Another key component of any successful web site is the actual construction or information architecture. Web site usability is the science of arranging the content on your web site so that it is intuitive and easy for your prospects to navigate. Web usability research proves that you have about 8 seconds from the time a prospect hits your landing page to clearly demonstrate where they are and how they can get to the information they want and more importantly, lead them from ‘just browsing’ to buying something.

Most often this aspect is not given the attention it deserves and prospects lose interest after a few seconds or get tired of trying to make sense out of a "creative" navigation system and browse a competitor's web site instead.

Here’s a sample of one of our members sites.

As a My Skin Care Company member, your web site will hit a home run on all of these fronts and more. You don’t have do a thing other than provide the logo, secure your own domain name (web address) and provide some basic information regarding your range and branding objective.

Once you have established your brand and a loyal customer base, it makes sense to direct them to a website for reorders because it saves you both time and expense and leaves you free to keep building your customer base.

You might be making the products in your garage, but there’s no reason why, with a world-class site like the one featured here, that you can’t sell your products to people in New York, Paris or just to your neighbour over the fence.

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