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My Testimonials

My TestimonialsIt’s testimonials like the following that create the inspiration within our company. It’s letters like these that make me remember the irreplaceable feeling of accomplishment that comes with seeing something that you made in your mind turn up in real life. There’s just something emotionally satisfying about ownership of an idea that works.

Five years ago I decided to do something about making my lifelong dream of owning my own skin care range a reality. At the time it seemed like an enormous task. Where do you start? How do you make the stuff? What about packaging? Marketing? Legal issues? Expense? I had no idea, but I decided to take the first step anyway.

You are about to discover how a select group of people have taken up this opportunity to create their very own skin care companies just like I did. It was much easier for them though because everything they needed to know was available in a turnkey program that we had developed especially for women who truly want to build a successful, self-contained enterprise where they are the boss and they keep all the profits.

Here’s What Some Of Them Have Had To Say!

A Testimonial From Ms Y. D.

I’m a mother of one and one on the way. I’m loving motherhood, and felt it was time to look at a new career that I had an interest in and that would allow me the flexibility of being close to my family, choose the level of workload and to do something that I’ve always had a strong interest in.

Aromatherapy and natural skin care has always been an interest and a little hobby for around 10years, lots of little short courses and making products as gifts for friends and family, so I thought I’d explore the interest further and make a business out of it.

Lots of talks with my husband and google searches I found My Skin Care Co. It sounded like the start I needed. At the time I was 4 months pregnant so I wanted to make a start quickly in order to have everything up and running before our baby arrived and for me that meant not having to do a lot of manufacturing experimenting and research.

I chose to do the larger package option as I had done many short courses and didn’t pursue anything beyond gifts for friends and family. I needed a push and knowing I was investing money into my time was my motivator. The hardest thing was making that decision, but with lots of talks with my husband and questions that were answered straight away from Aaron and Nerida I knew that this was the best option for my situation. Once I made the decision I booked a plane to Brisbane where the journey began….

Nerida, Aaron and I hit it off straight away. They truly believe in what they do and their commitment and support has been beyond my expectations.

We worked long and hard for 2 days with lots of fun in between. The one on one training was exactly what I needed to cater for my learning style. Nerida and Aaron’s knowledge, patience and ability to communicate on all levels helped me to build up my confidence in starting my own business and manufacturing so many different products.

Nerida tailored the 3 days around what I needed to know about starting a business in skin care, as well as lots of manufacturing of the products I wanted to sell in my range. This was a great help as the first step of experimenting my ideas was supervised by an expert in the field rather than me guessing whether the ingredient ideas I had would work.

We also discussed setting goals around when I wanted to look at starting my business. From this Nerida would set me weekly tasks I needed to complete in order to get the ball rolling, we then had a weekly meeting which allowed us to go through what I had done and if there was anything else I needed to do. This was fantastic start for me as I did the 2 day course late September and wanted to be up and running for the Christmas Season. Nerida’s tips and experience removed all the little but time consuming hurdles you come along the way when trying to start your own business, which was one of the big reasons why I choice the option I did for my situation.

During this period I was experimenting with the manufacturing of my products. There were a few times there when I thought my cream batches would not work out, and just a quick phone call to Nerida would save my creams! Where as if I didn’t have that support I would have just presumed the batch could not be saved and I would have had to discard the batch which in turn would have cost money, precious time and would have decreased my confidence in being able to make the products. Nerida’s knowledge, experience, patience and quick responses were a BIG help! I would then give out samples to friends and family and get there opinions in order to finalise my product ingredients.

As well as manufacturing there was the business side I things, the manual given during the course had everything I needed, from ingredient and packaging wholesalers, laws and regulations, to printing companies. I spent many nights up late writing my products descriptions for my labelling and web site. Again Nerida and Aaron would proof read and give me any tips needed in order to comply with regulations and to ensure my wording would appeal to my customers. I decided to use good quality ingredients including organic so I wanted my brand and packaging to look professional, so I decided to have a designer to design my logo and packaging, this was a personal choice that I had to budget for but in the long term I knew for me that was the right decision. This process was a little time consuming as the wording on the labels is very important as far as laws and regulations go.

In order to have the web-site up and running Nerida and Aaron’s web designer was great to work with also, very responsive and accommodating.

My business has been up and running for a week now and I have done my first market stall which I sold more products than I expected, I am in the process of negotiating with a tanning company to manufacture their moisturising lotions as well as a skin care boutique wanting to sell my products in her store, I am selling lots of gift packs for Christmas, at this stage a lot being to friends and family who I have found have been very supportive and excited with my new venture. This is a great start as they are gifts for others who I don’t know so in turn it’s getting my products and name out there.

I am very excited about the new career ahead of me and know it was one of the hardest but best decisions of made for myself.

In life we have to take chances and waying up all the pros and cons as far as a business decision and passion I had in Natural Skin Care it was a small chance to take. And I know I will only look forward from here.

Thanks again to Nerida and Aaron from The Skin Care Co. I couldn’t have done it without you.

My TestimonialsA Testimonial From Ms L. G

After doing some research into natural skin care products on the market (and finding that most of them were not natural at all) I decided that I wanted to make and sell my own range so I could control the ingredients being used. Unsure of where to begin this process I searched the internet for a company that could help me.

I researched many franchises and companies that offered a small percentage as a bonus for selling their products but this was not what I wanted (and again not all the products contained 100% natural ingredients) as I new commission only based opportunities rarely work.

Finally I came across a company that seemed to promise all that I was after so I decided to give My Skin Care Company a call and see what they had to offer. I filled in the request form and waited for a phone call so I could ask a few questions.

I received a call the next day and spoke with Aaron and Nerida who answered all my questions, gave me information about My Skin Care Company and then emailed me with yet more information for me to peruse at my leisure so I could see if they offered what I was looking for: they did !

Since becoming a member and paying what I consider to be a small fee for my future I have been so pleased with my decision.

Initially I received a comprehensive manual that contained all the information I would require to help me set up my own skin care range and business including a large section on suppliers, legal requirements and references that would assist me in my journey. Included with the manual were two dvd’s that covered everything you needed to know about creating your own skin care business, making your range and marketing your products (this alone would save me at least 12 months of research).

I also received the product development workbook before I started my training. This was particularly helpful for Nerida as it gave her a very clear understanding of what I wanted to achieve for my business. That way when it came time for me to fly over for my training Nerida was able to concentrate on the areas that I needed most.

After a discussion with Nerida I arranged a time to fly to sunny Brisbane to meet both her and Aaron and spend two full days developing my own range of products and learning how to make and market them…..what great fun these two days were. The passion and excitement both Nerida and Aaron have to help you make your business a success is contagious, they gave me the extra confidence I needed to know that I will be successful and the products that I developed over these two days were of the highest quality and completely natural. We also covered pricing, marketing and a few other business topics that will help in the future (it was sad to go, I wanted to say and learn more).

Since returning to Adelaide I have remained in constant contact with Nerida and Aaron and have felt comfortable asking as many questions as I can think of along the way. Their support has been fantastic and I know, with confidence, that far along into my journey and success of my business I will still remain in touch with Nerida and Aaron and they will still have the same passion and enthusiasm for my success as they did when I first joined My skin Care Company.

I followed my instincts and chose My Skin Care Company to help me achieve my goals and dreams and they have been everything I expected and more.

A Testimonial From Ms N. K.

TestimonialsThank you Nerida and Aaron for the wonderful experience and for providing the opportunity of such a creative and flexible business. During the 2 day course you were both professional, open-minded and so easy-going, which made this time working with you a memorable one.

I am so proud of the range I have created, which without your assistance, I could not have done in such a short amount of time. Thank you also for all the little extra things you both did to make my stay in Brisbane a comfortable one, there wouldn’t be too many people that would go over and beyond what you had, and I wish you both every success that two wonderful people with integrity deserve.

A testimonial from Ms T. M.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Nerida, this business is incredible. At last I have found something that I am totally into. I love doing this! I am about to release my first range of moisturisers and eye creams and I already have orders. Your strategies on bringing in new clients worked tremendously and now my internet site is up and running I can start to implement some web site advertising to help boost that side of the business.

I am now able to work when I want and I absolutely believe in the product because I know what’s in it and this is really helping me in the sales side of things. I did, after all make it! I can’t believe that I now have my own brand of skin care products. My girl friends are so jealous. As soon as I’ve built up a national data base of customers I’m going to start looking towards the international market. I’m pretty excited and can see a huge future for this product overseas as well. Thank you My Skin Care Company. You’re the best!

A Testimonial from Ms D. V.

One of the best decisions I have ever made is to become a member of My Skin Care Company………………..

I am a Beauty Therapist and I am currently developing a 5 star Day Spa Retreat. I wanted to stock a range of products that are totally natural and that deliver great results. I had thought seriously about manufacturing my own but it all seemed too difficult, and I just didn’t know where to start. Also I didn’t really have time to do all the research and manufacturing experiments.

At the time I was aware of re-labeling being an option but it just didn’t appeal to me. I wanted a range that was more customised, one that I could truly call my own. I also wanted to own the formulations and have the freedom to make changes and build upon as I wished. I didn’t want to sell a re-branded product like everyone else.

I was searching the Internet for Natural Skin Care Companies and came across the My Skin Care Company Website. I made some further enquiries and after speaking with the My Skin Care team, I began to realize that I could have my own skin care business, and have the support & guidance that I needed.

From the very first phone call, I felt extremely comfortable with both Aaron & Nerida. They are extremely friendly, helpful and passionate about what they do. They are always willing to help, and have never made me feel that too many questions are too much.

I flew to Brisbane to start the training. I did the training with 2 other Ladies, and it was so much fun. We got straight into it and before no time we were making our own products. I really enjoyed the 2 days, although very tiring as there is so much to learn & take in, it was most enjoyable.

The 2 day training course was very well organised and I believe that Nerida covered absolutely everything you need to know, from start to finish. She is easy going and explains things thoroughly. She also has good knowledge and amazing patience.

The manual that was provided prior to training has been terrific, and I refer to it all the time. So was the Product Development Workbook, this helped me define my range (and my business) before the onsite training began.

I completed the training 6 weeks ago, and have had regular contact with Nerida via phone & email. She has been most co operative, re assuring and encouraging. Everything has met my expectations, and I am feeling extremely confident about my new business.

My products will by used & sold from my Day Spa, and it will be so rewarding knowing that the products are what I have made and best of all, they are totally safe & natural.
It has been a pleasure dealing with Aaron & Nerida Weaver and I would never have done this without their help & support. A huge Thank you to them both and I wish them every success.

A Testimonial From Ms T. R.

My name is Tina Rolls, I’m now the proud own of my very own skin care line. Producing natural skincare products, which has always been of great interest to me.

I would dabble at home doing my own basic recipes, but didn't have the knowledge to take it that step further, then just by chance I came across My Skin Care Company  and that all changed, and here I am running my own business.

With the knowledge and support of of the My Skin team it has made the process much easier, they are always there as a support base and nothing goes unanswered. Their willingness to want and help you succeed in your own business is obvious, but with that you still have the input and decisions to make it your own business.

So by the time you have got your business up and running you receive great satisfaction in knowing that you have had a huge part in making it your own. My Skin Care Co. ensures that you have the guidance and knowledge that you need, but at the end of the day this is your business.

I have also found them to be sincere and ready to answer any questions either before or after taking the course, they have a busy schedule but always find the time to help you out. Without the support of My Skin Care Co. the transition in to this business would have been much more difficult, therefore if it is something you are considering, I would recommend My Skin Care Co. without any hesitation. They have helped & encouraged me do what I have had a great passion for, along with a sense of achievement and great excitement.

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