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Once you become a Licensed My Skin Care Company member, you will be trained to make no less than 29 different personal care products. Everything from soaps, to cleansers, to moisturises to exfoliants, to masks, the shaving creams to eye creams! In a nutshell, you will be able to turn out pretty much everything your currently paying hundreds of dollars a year for, for a just a few dollars (if that) per bottle.

Our formulations:

  • Contain only quality natural ingredients such as cold-pressed vegetable oils, pure essential oils, natural clays, nut butters, grains, floral waters, herbal infusions, flowers and herbs, vitamins, anti-oxidants and herbal extracts.
  • 100% vegan-friendly!
  • 100% human friendly! We avoid the use of synthetic ingredients (such as Sodium Lauryl / Laureth sulfates), and artificial colours and fragrances.
  • 100% Animal friendly! We don’t test them on our pets J!

Once you’ve mastered the basic formulations it’s time to decide what items you want to include in your own range and then set about making it happen!

Step 1 – You will create your range.
Decide exactly which products (of the 56) will you launch with and what markets do you want to move into? Some people only want to do soaps. Others only want to deal in female skin care. Others still want to specialize in male skin care. It’s up to you. It’s your company.

Step 2 – Create your brand.
This is the fun part! Your brand, name and logo says so much about where in the market you want to position yourself. Do you want to be identified as a ‘natural’ brand a ‘trendy’ brand an ‘edgy’ brand or a high-end ‘luxury’ brand…or something else all together? All of this will be communicated in your name, logo and branding!

Step 3 – Design your packaging.
Once you have identified your market and created a name and logo, it’s time to design your packaging. Your packaging will most likely be consistent with your brand, but again, this is entirely up to you and leaves a lot of room for you to express your creative persuasions.

Step 4 – Manufacture your first release.
Once you have your packaging done, you will now make your first batch of goodies and get ready to market! As part of your My Skin Care Company membership, you will receive all of the necessary manufacturing equipment to make every product right at home, just like many of the major skin care entrepreneurs have in the past.

Step 5 – Secure you domain name and get your website live.
As soon as you have your logo and range settled (whilst you are making your first batch) we recommend that you secure your website name through the My Skin Care Co web development team. Once secured, My Skin Care Company will begin building you a branded site exclusively for you. This website is included in your fee and will enable you to showcase your products 24/7 around the world.

Step 6 – Start selling and banking the profits!
As a My Skin Care Company member you will be taught a variety of different business models to sell your products both locally and around the world. These include retailing, wholesaling, e-commerce, direct selling, consignment deals and licensing opportunities.

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