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I Keep seeing references to Skin Care Tycoon. What is Skin Care Tycoon?
Skin Care Tycoon is the worlds most comprehensive skin care start up program

Franchise v My Skin Care Company – What’s The Concept?

My Skin Care Company is completely different in that we are here to empower YOU to be in charge of your destiny. Yes we provide the formulations, yes we teach you about the industry, yes we show you how to market and expand but NO we don’t share in your profits.

We are here to assist you to create real and ongoing success through designing and growing your own skin care line. You are in total control. You are your own supplier. You are truly, your own business.

Whilst franchising has many great points, it also removes virtually every creative decision and is highly restrictive in almost every facet. We believe that being in business is all about choice and we encourage our members to use their own minds, ideas and drive to build the business THEY want.

For this reason, My Skin Care Company is not a franchise. There are no restrictions or territories. It’s all yours. We provide the tools, training, formulations, marketing support and a fully operational website (branded for you) so that you can then go out and do your thing…perhaps even franchise yourself if you like.

Is this a franchise?
No. My Skin Care Company provides all of the equipment, ingredients, training, support and online marketing tools (including a fully integrated e-commerce site) to assist people wishing to create and market their own skin care range. Essentially we assist home based people to start their own skin care business, who knows, you could be the next Elizabeth Arden.

Do I have to manufacture the products
Yes. This is the best way for you to keep your costs as low as possible and keep a tab on stock levels. Also by making the products yourself there is no need to keep up with large minimum orders typically requested by manufacturers.

What exactly do I get as a member?

  • Rights to formulations
  • Training
  • Ongoing fortnightly mentoring sessions from our trained team of professionals
  • Sales Tools
  • Packaging Starter Kit
  • Ingredients Starter Kit
  • Equipment Starter Kit

My Skin Care Co has 2 business opportunities which cater to every budget and suit every lifestyle.

Click Here....To Receive your FREE Information Package that clearly outlines what is included in the My Skin Care Company Business Package.

How much is the membership?

  • Home Study Program only AUD $1,490 + gst.
  • ‘One on One’ Master Mind Program only AUD $19,990 + gst.

How do I know that I will be able to make these products? I have no experience and it sounds too difficult and complicated for me.
Our manuals have been specifically written with the complete beginner in mind. Everything is explained in simple terms. If you can do 6th grade maths and can follow step-by-step instructions then you will have no problems at all. Besides the home learning materials our program comes with more than enough one on one training and ongoing support to assist you in getting your business up and running successfully.

Do I need skills in chemistry?
No, you do not need any skills, previous knowledge or experience to be able to manufacture these products and operate this business. All training and experience is provided by our expert team of professionals.

Can an average person make money in this business?
Anyone can make money in this business, you just need to have the right attitude and be prepared to put in some time and effort.

I think that this business is a fantastic idea, but I’m sceptical and don’t want to get ripped off. How do I know who I’m dealing with?
Although this opportunity is new to Australia, we have a proven business model that has been operating profitably for the last three and a half years. You can also check out our credentials with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ( You’ll find our company registration details and ABN on your Application Form.

Where will I get my raw materials from?
There are many suppliers of raw materials throughout Australia who can supply you and these, the trick is finding the reputable ones. I have listed these in your manual and they are the same suppliers I use for my own skin care business.

What about packaging and labelling?
Our starter pack includes some packaging, so that you can get started manufacturing your test batches and customer samples straight away. There are numerous suppliers offering a wide variety of packaging in each State and your manual contains a list of these suppliers and contact details. You will find a lot of information about product labelling in your manual, as well as a list of links to government information websites which can be of additional help to you. Our list of contacts also includes designers and printers that we have worked with and can recommend.

What happens if I run into a manufacturing problem, or need advice? Can I call or write to you?
Most certainly, we are here to help you succeed. Our hands on training DVD is full of tips and hints and we have a trouble shooting section that should address a lot of common problems as well. Aside from these sources, I am more than willing to help you with technical assistance as well as any other queries you might have. I am available on email most weekdays during business hours and will do my very best to return your query that day.

I’m convinced this is a good business but if too many people get into it, won’t the market become flooded?
That is highly unlikely as these are consumable items used in every household, everyday. To safeguard against saturation only a limited number of memberships are available. Secondly, the particular market you decide to focus on will determine which products you will manufacture. It is highly unlikely for any two members to manufacture identical products to the same markets and individual retailers. Thirdly, your products will be entirely unique as a result of your chosen USP, packaging, labelling, colouring, fragrance and properties. No two members will be selling the same product formulations.

This business sounds like an answer to my prayers, a dream come true. What is the catch?
The catch is that you must be prepared to do something! Like any business, to make it work you have to work at it. This is a serious business that has the same forces for and against it as any other business. In this business, like any other you must be prepared to invest a certain amount of effort to reap its great rewards. If you are not prepared to do this then save your money and don’t buy this package.

How come you are prepared to share the Trade Secrets of the skin care industry? Aren’t you scared of competition?
Firstly, it takes nothing away from me to let you in on everything I know as the market out there is absolutely enormous for anyone to be worrying about competition. Not only do we sell our products all over the country but we also sell them all over the world… this market is huge! Secondly, there are a hundred different ways you can apply this information and sell these products. We have many different products and there are many different markets.

How do I know that your formulas will produce top quality products?
Many people have the misconception that poor quality products are the result of inferior formulations. For large scale operations this can be the case, however usually the quality of the product depends highly on the proportions and grade of the ingredients used. If you use low grade or cheap ingredients then the product is likely to be inferior or low grade. With our products, if you follow the simple instructions and do not substitute the specified raw ingredients for lower quality ones, you will achieve top quality results.

Do I have to keep a lot of stock?
Well, that depends on you. In order to keep starting costs down, you can hardly keep any stock at all when you begin. Simply order your ingredients and manufacture the products as each sale comes in. Once you become more established it is relatively easy to forecast monthly order volumes and order stock accordingly. Obviously, smaller batches of products are more expensive to manufacture (due to labour costs) than larger ones, so keep that in mind.

What about Government Laws and Legislation concerning this business?
As with any industry there are rules and regulations. The ones relevant here are covered in our manuals; however you should regularly check the government websites for any changes in legislation. At this time, no permits are required to operate this business, although we suggest taking out liability insurance as you would with any business.

I’m concerned about our environment. Are these products biodegradable?
These products are manufactured from natural ingredients and are therefore safe for our environment.

What equipment is necessary and will it cost a lot?
All of the equipment needed to manufacture your own range is included in the program.

I don’t want to quit my job. All I want is a bit of extra income. Is this possible?
Certainly it is. It all depends on the amount of clients you decide to take on. I ran my business around full time work for 12 months very successfully and found this to be very beneficial. You decide how big you want to grow this business and tailor it to suit your needs.

I’m currently unemployed. Can I get any funding for this business?
The Government’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) provides coaching and training workshops to assist new small businesses. They also have financial grants that don’t need repaying that you can apply for. If you have equity in your home this will always be the cheapest loan to have as the interest is always lower than a personal loan. Beside from using the equity in your own home you could take out a personal loan over a few years, this is also a very cheap option.

How long does it take to get started?
Depending on how much time you have to spend on this business will determine how long this takes. I strongly recommend that you read through all the material and fully acquaint yourself with the manufacturing manual before you begin any hands on training with My Skin Care Company. You could be up and running with sample products within two weeks if you really wanted to. In general it takes around 8-12 weeks to fully complete the My Skin Care Co. program on a part time basis.

Is manufacturing these products safe?
Absolutely, provided that you take the necessary safely precautions as with any activity. Our DVD’s and manuals include further information and safety guidelines to follow.

I don’t know it seems like a lot of money.
If you paid $40 000 for this business it would still not be too much. What you need to do is focus on the income potential and flexibility that this business can give you. You can expect to pay $30,000 for a lawn mowing franchise, cleaning franchise or even dog washing franchise. Even then you are restricted by geographical territories, the My Skin Care Company business can operate anywhere with absolutely no restrictive boundries.

A good business or franchise typically costs anything from $35 000 upwards and it still cannot offer you the tremendous income potential and flexibility that this business can. You will either have to suffer with conventional, small profit margins or get stuck paying constant royalties to a franchisor. With this business you get to keep all the profits you make, plus you have the ability to have a unique skincare business you can call your own!

You will not find another business out there with anywhere near as much potential for such a bargain price… I guarantee this. Years of research and thousands of dollars have gone into developing the product formulations alone, not to mention to the business model also. A lot of the hard work has already been done for you, from showing you how to start up your business to the marketing and selling your very own products. All that is required from you to harvest a fantastic income is to apply yourself to developing a successful business.

How many members are you taking on?
We have decided to limit the number of people coming into the program to only a small number per year. Having the money to proceed doesn’t necessarily secure you a position. You have to want to succeed and be prepared to put the effort in.  

What if I want to go ahead in a couple of months but aren’t quite ready just yet?
This is a hard one because we have limited the numbers so there are limited places available. To secure any positions it is best to make a deposit to hold your spot.

How do I know this is right for me?
After reading the prospectus and talking with either Aaron or myself you will have a very good idea if this business is for you. At the end of the day if you think this business will make you happy, will help you financially and will not cost you an arm and a leg, then it’s up to you to do something about it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the information on this site, but more importantly Take Action…. Because nothing comes through dreaming alone.

Warm Regards

The My Skin Care Company Team
“Chance never helps those who do not help themselves.”

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