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The Director, Nerida Weaver
Extract from a recent article in Franchise Business Magazine


Nerida Weaver is not looking for people to sell her products or her brand. Through My Skin Care Company she is offering women the opportunity to make their own, individualised range of products and to market them in a way that reflects their own personality.

Following her lifelong ambition Nerida trained in aromatherapy and natural skin care with some of Australia’s leading professionals and then established her own skin care range five years ago. Her ‘skin food’ products are made from quality, natural, plant-based ingredients such as cold-pressed vegetable oils, essential oils, nut butters and herbal infusions.

She supplies her Vashti Purely Natural Skin Care range to retail outlets, day spas and salons across the country and exports them to four countries which seems to be growing quite rapidly.

Rather than expand through traditional franchising concepts she has chosen to empower women to use their own creativity to achieve business success.

“Creating their own branding and choosing the functional ingredients, consistency, fragrance and colour of the products really does individualise the business,” says Nerida who believes that with traditional franchising systems, as much as people are building their own business, they are still building someone else’s as well. Someone else always has high level control.

“That is not what I wanted. I want to be able to help women to build a business that is truly their own - they are the boss and they keep all the profits.”

Nerida provides the training required to develop the brand, make the products, and establish the business. Initial training takes place in Brisbane where a 12 week plan is developed for launching the business. Nerida works one-on-one with members through this time and provides support in all aspects of the business for 12 months.

“Our members are free to take their business in any direction they like. I am there to help them go through the process of establishing their business and offer advice when they need it, but ultimately it is their concept and as they are not tied to geographical territories, they can grow the business to any level they like. Some of our members are even exporting themselves.

“My Skin Care Company is an opportunity for personal and financial freedom. It is creative and it is fun.”

Neridas Five Keys To Success

  1. Have the initiative to take some action.
  2. Follow your heart but have a plan for success.
  3. Once you have your plan, see it through to the end (don’t give up!).
  4. Understand what it takes to grow a great business.
  5. Always have other peoples best interests at heart.

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