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Welcome to My Skin Care Company.

Are you looking for a feminine, flexible and creative business that can restore your independence and keep you active? A business where you can express your creativity, be rewarded for your ideas and have the freedom to decide your own hours, schedule and marketing strategy.

My Skin Care Company offers something totally different for intelligent ladies with creative flair and a desire to be in total control of their business. We don't get you out there selling our products, we empower you to design, brand, manufacture and sell your very own line.

Most importantly, My Skin Care Company caters for every budget and lifestyle outcome.

With easy business solutions that range in price from$1,490 + GST to $19,990 + GST. My Skin Care Company offers every woman the opportunity to pursue her dreams.

Get started from home and learn from the worlds most comprehensive
skin care start up program titled “Skin Care Tycoon”.
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At My Skin Care Company we'll:

  • Teach you how to formulate and make your very own products...ensuring you'll never pay retail, or wholesale prices again!
  • We'll teach you how to build a sales team, do wholesale only or license your formulations to others or all of the above.
  • We'll teach you how to get your range into stores.
  • We’ll create you a personally branded website with your own logo ready to sell your products to the world market.

  • We'll teach you how to tap into existing markets (both national and international) and expand your range beyond local area.

  • We’ll help you create more than just a skin care brand…. We’ll help you create a Skin Care Company…… there’s a very big difference!

Who knows you could be the next Elizabeth Arden!

Quite simply, we teach you to be at the top of the food chain from Day-1 in an industry that is worth billions of dollars annually on a global basis.

Welcome to My Skin Care Company…Where intelligent women are creating real futures by creating their own skin care lines.

A personal message from our director to you….

Nerida WeaverI would like to personally congratulate you on your introduction into the My Skin Care Company business opportunity. Whether you’re already in this industry or have no prior knowledge or experience, we have an incredible lifestyle business that may be just what you’re looking for.

After personally creating my own successful national and International skin care line I saw an opportunity to assist others achieve similar success. Through investigation we have found a very limited number of opportunities exist that offer true financial freedom without carrying a huge price tag to go with it. Now days, you can’t even buy a cleaning franchise under $35,000 and let’s face it, who would want to anyway.

By searching for more opportunities for my own skin care line I was left to make a decision. Should I franchise my own range, or is there something better. There was and so the My Skin Care Company business opportunity was born.

Enjoy the information contained on this site. To investigate the opportunity in more detail I encourage you to Take The Next Step.


Nerida Weaver.
My Skin Care Company
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